MARKET HUNT is a Enrich Commodities Product. A Platform for smarter, faster & safer trading experience. Market Hunt is the most advanced trading platform and information centre that I have come across in the recent past. This trading platform combines the real time data and the advance tools and functions to deliver the most accurate, unparalleled market trading experience.
Market Hunt is an important analytical tool usually used by research analysts and market experts. It is a user friendly tool which provides accurate and necessary information relevant for trading.

Simplified Market Watch

View multiple products in a single screen

Superior Charting tool

Useful historical data & Multiple Indicators are unique features

Intelligent Scanner

Scans the Market live for scrips that are breaking key levels.

 Simplified Market Watch

View multiple products in a single screen. This gives a unique real time trading experience where the user is able to watch the market trends and easily access the scenario. The time taken by users to find and add scrip to their watch list is reduced drastically by an effective search and filter function.

In-depth market watch

In-depth market watch like Near-time Market Turnover, Moving averages, Pivot, Resistance, Support Levels and Market Breadth can be analysed.

Buy / Sell order

Buy & Sell orders can be effectively placed with the help of F1 & F2 keys respectively as displayed in the screenshot.

Net Position

The difference between total open long and open short positions in a product held by the user can be viewed and further decision making can be carried out.

 Superior Charting tool

 Multiple commodities of same or different scripts were viewed on same window for best market watch experience. Useful historical data & Multiple Indicators are the unique features of superior charting tool which enables the user to understand the right trading methodology by comparison and analysis

Historical Data

Market Hunt Superior charting tool help users get a good overview of the Market. We provide a graphical and colour coded representation of data with historical EOD of up –to 10 years.

Multiple Indicators

 Multiple Indicators based on various criteria is provided. Many advanced features and indicators are available which would be helpful for the comparisons and analysis in the most efficient manner. It helps traders track Market Movements, analyse information and find product specific opportunities.

 Intelligent Inbuilt Scanners

Intelligent Inbuilt Scanners, which filters the different commodities where action is happening, would serve as an effective measure. It includes various scanners that scan the Market live for scrips that are breaking key levels and catch big ticket trades. These scanners can be filtered by a pre-defined or user created watch list. Users can set any number of scrip specific alerts and view them all centrally under Alert Manager.

Specific FnO Analysis

Users can use tools and data specially designed for FnO trading. Live Rollover, spreads between cash and Futures, Option chain, Option calculator, OI Gainers & losers, PC leaders & laggards etc.

Magnified EOD Reports
This unique feature assists with EOD reports and analysis handy with a click of a button without a critical situation. This would help the user to trade with ease, not worrying about the number crisis.

Portfolio Hunter        

Portfolio hunter is an effective tracking tool where the user can view all the investments in one place and create a model portfolio to learn and understand the market in a better and efficient method.