The Bombay Stock Exchange also called the BSE India is located on Dalal Street Mumbai. It lists over 5,000 firms and is counted among the most important stock exchanges in the world. Its overall market capitalization amounts to $1.7 trillion. In 1995, the bse moved to an electronic system of trading from the open-floor system. Stocks, stock futures, stock options, index futures, and index options are all listed on this Exchange.
  • The BSE is managed by the Board of administrators who formulate its policy. Its daily operations are handled by a director.
  • The BSE acts because of the regulator within the stock market by putting in place numerous monitoring and police investigation mechanisms.
  • It will pinpoint irregularities or discrepancies available prices.
  • The BSE provides counter-party risk management altogether transactions across its trading platforms.
  • Salient options it's the primary in India to introduce equity derivatives and launch a free float index. Its systems and processes are designed to safeguard market integrity and enhance operational transparency.
  • The BSE is that the first exchange within the country and therefore the second globally to get an ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  • This is the first exchange in the country and second within the world to receive data Security Management System standard BS 7799-2-2002 certification for its unique BSE on-line trading System (BOLT)
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Top most traded Commodities in 2017

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1. Crude oil
No surprise there — considering its international demand and also the rate at that our energy consumption is spiraling out of management in our apace industrializing economies, there'll perpetually be a pressing demand for sources of energy and fuel.

2. Coffee
With over a pair of.25 billion cups of low consumed worldwide on a day to day, low is really the second most listed goods within the world, falling a bit short behind crude — and one in all the oldest still.

3. fossil fuel
When fossil fuel may be a supply of energy and fuel used for nearly everything, it's little question one in all the foremost extremely listed commodities within the world, despite growing efforts to maneuver towards renewable energy resources.

4. Gold
Gold has perpetually been a valuable good throughout history, particularly among investors with its steady increasing worth over recent years.

5. Brent Oil
Serving as a benchmark value for purchases of oil worldwide, brent goose oil is employed most generally throughout Europe and continent.

6. Silver
Silver has traditionally been each a secure investment and a supply of stability in investment portfolios. on top of its aesthetic worth, it's conjointly employed in high exactitude medical instrumentation and industrial processes.

7. Sugar
Extracted from sugar cane, sugar is listed in precisely regarding each country within the world. By 2030, the annual consumption of sugar can exceed 257 million tons.

8. Corn
Considered jointly of the foremost versatile agricultural crops, the appearance of biofuels has conjointly particularly accrued the demand for corn over the last decade. Corn has become such a vital good that u.  s. has over eighty million acres dedicated to its production.

9. Wheat
Involved within the production of diverse food product that embrace cereal, bread and flour, wheat becomes not solely a vital supply of food round the world however is additionally an imperative goods thanks to the world’s reliance on wheat.

10. Cotton
Cotton has been one in all the oldest familiar fibres on the world and has been listed for thousands of years. the actual fact that the majority of our attire is formed out of cotton justifies its position jointly of the world’s extremely listed commodities.

What are the best strategies for stock investment during a bearish market?

There are various two types of market, namely a bull market and bear market. while looking at the nature of the animals’ bear and bull, a bull usually pushes things up with it strong thorns whereas bear usually attacks to pull something down with its strong claws.
One can relate the bull with a stock market where the stock price of a company increases and the buyer can buy shares at a lower price, and sell them at a higher price.
In a bull market, the stock price of a company falls, so the buyer can sell shares at a specific price, and then buy them back at a lower price.
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Let’s take a look at the bear market. This takes place at some point in a recession or depression.
A few ways to profit during this period are:
One of the techniques is short selling. When you foresee that a share price is going to fall, you can sell your shares or someone else’s (i.e.) borrowed shares at a low price and later buy them back at a higher price. The usual method is Intraday trading where you square off your shares.
A put option is another strategy; here you pay a premium to be able to sell your stock at a picky strike price. When the stock price drops, you can sell at a high strike price or sell your put option which would have risen in value in a bear market.
Another method is through an inverse exchange-traded fund (ETF) which is also called abbreviated (ETFs), which displays you the inverse of an index.
A universal bear market for equities could show the way to a good sum of money printing around the globe. When this occurs, investors move on to safety havens like gold another similar commodity to start a bull market for that commodity. You can, in general, recognize a bear market by looking downward advancing/declining line or the Price-Dividend Ratio on an index like the National Stock Exchange.

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