How can I make a profit in a commodity market?

The commodity market is one of the best platforms for learning more profits only if one knows the fundamental and technical analysis of the commodity market.
The fundamental analysis and technical analysis is not only enough for the profits in commodity trading.
Reading popular commodity market research reports in websites like
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Which website is the best with lowest brokerage for trading in the stock market?

Enrich Financial Services is the best website for stock trading in India in lowest brokerage.
Enrich updates daily stock market analysis research reports with technical charts before the market opens in morning (10 ‘o’ clock).
Enrich also make research on stock trend with technical analysis.
Enrich Knowledge Centre serves as a library for learning the Stock trading Fundamentals as well as technical analysis.
  1. Stock Market Basics
  2. Stock Trading Strategies
  3. Fundamentals of Stock Trading
  4. Trader Guide For stock Trading
In Enrich website one can learn the Fundamental analysis and technical analysis
  1. Tehcnial Chart( Articles 10)
  2. Candlestick Patterns ( Articles 12)
  3. Moving Averages ( Articles 12)
  4. Reversal Patterns ( Articles 8)
  5. Continuous Pattern ( Articles 10)
  6. wedge Patterns( Articles 12)
  7. Trend Analysis( Articles 12)
  8. Indicators( Articles 10)
  1. Fundamentals of Trading( Articles 25)
  2. Major Indian Trading Exchanges( Articles 10)
  3. Commodity Market( Articles 10)
  4. Commodity Products and briefs( Articles 10)
  5. Stock Market( Articles 10)
  6. Stock Trading Basics( Articles 25)
  7. Trader Guide ( Articles 25)
I sure that if one completely read all the articles he will become a market expert in commodity and in stock trading.

How to use Gamma to Trade Options?

Options Gamma Trading strategies Explained 

“Gamma is that the rate of change for Delta with respect to the underlying asset price, i.e., gamma pricepoints out the hypothetic movement of the delta value because of the price of the underlying security moves”

This is another significant risk measuring tool that assists in technical analysis for options trading; Gamma is that the level of change in Delta as a consequence of a change within the value of the underlying asset.

Gamma Options Formula :



ϕ(d1) = (e⁻〖d1〗^2/2/√2π;

where d1= (ln(S/K)+(r+σ22))/σ√ t


K - option strike value

N - standard normal cumulative distribution function

r - risk-free interest rate

σ - Volatility of the underlying

S - the price of the underlying

t - Time to option's expiry

Trading the Indian securities market :

Delta itself shows the impact of the modification in underlying asset value on the option; on the other hand, Gamma shows the movement of Delta itself given the change within the price of the underlying asset.

Gamma may be an important stock trading analytical tool and determinant in evaluating the probable impact of value changes of the underlying assets on an option for an option client or seller.

Gamma is a positive number no matter the very fact whether or not you're buying calls or puts and ranges from zero to a most of one as Delta itself can ne'er cross

1 Gamma is often negative after you are writing options.

Gamma are often wont to examine Delta effects and succeeding stock price changes and its impact on the options control by the investor.

Gamma works increased and becomes a lot of important within the usage of spreads and therefore the application of a lot of composite approaches.

The relationship between Gamma and Delta becomes important on exploitation of multiple open positions to think about on the movement of the value of the underlying security. Gamma not only includes a direct relationship with Delta, however, there's additionally co-relation between Gamma and theta.

Usually, a high Gamma is convoyed by a high theta and better the Gamma, higher the exponential profits, given that the underlying security or asset moves in a positive direction.

Conversely, such options come with high theta worth wherever the duration basis decay is at a faster rate.
The Bombay Stock Exchange also called the BSE India is located on Dalal Street Mumbai. It lists over 5,000 firms and is counted among the most important stock exchanges in the world. Its overall market capitalization amounts to $1.7 trillion. In 1995, the bse moved to an electronic system of trading from the open-floor system. Stocks, stock futures, stock options, index futures, and index options are all listed on this Exchange.
  • The BSE is managed by the Board of administrators who formulate its policy. Its daily operations are handled by a director.
  • The BSE acts because of the regulator within the stock market by putting in place numerous monitoring and police investigation mechanisms.
  • It will pinpoint irregularities or discrepancies available prices.
  • The BSE provides counter-party risk management altogether transactions across its trading platforms.
  • Salient options it's the primary in India to introduce equity derivatives and launch a free float index. Its systems and processes are designed to safeguard market integrity and enhance operational transparency.
  • The BSE is that the first exchange within the country and therefore the second globally to get an ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  • This is the first exchange in the country and second within the world to receive data Security Management System standard BS 7799-2-2002 certification for its unique BSE on-line trading System (BOLT)
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These analysis reports helps the traders to analyse and perceive that scrips witnessed important movement supported numerous criteria. The reports additionally facilitate to judge the user’s performance by comparison the trading strategy adopted. this may enhance the trading scope of the user.

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