Commodity and equity are the medium of investments made. Where as commodity deals the underlying value of the asset\products like agri products and non-agri products which are not physically traded but traded through contracts and equity deals on the investment made on the shares sold by the registered company to be a part on ownership of the share in the business.

The major differences of  commodity and equity are
  •  Commodity is traded in MCX (multi commodity exchange of India pvt ltd) and   equity is traded in NSE OR BSE.

  •   Liquidity in equity investment is higher than commodity investment.

  •   Equity investment is for longer duration where as commodity is invested to  earn profit within a short term.

  •  The equity investor has the right and obligation to buy and sell the owned     shares where as in commodity the buyer or seller has only right but no obligation.

  •  The investment is preferred on the demand in case of commodity and the performance of the company in case of equity.