what are all the common active trading strategies?

5 common active Trading strategies :
After testing every strategy a trader selects his own strategy that suits him. Online share trading allows speculation over buying or selling based on the stock price. As far as the Indian stock market is concerned internal and external factors play a major role. Active traders and short term traders to maximize their profits.
This kind of trading done by professional traders is the most active trading strategy. It is also called intraday trading. The trader closes his transactions by the end of the day and his gains may be limited. But it is without any risk that might affect his gains.
These traders keep the shares for days or months. They keep on to the trend until it breaks, i.e. Till they are able to get huge profits if the price goes high the disadvantages of this kind of trading are that you have to worry constantly upon the unexpected turn of events.
Trading the institution helps you in opening an account and you transfer money from you bank account to your trading account you will be given a login Id and a The password to carry out your trades. The trading institutions provide you tips and analysis reports on stock prices and movement of stocks in the sharemarket.
Tips to remember:
Fundamental the analysis is a study of market movement which helps in deciding what shares to purchase and how long to keep it, used by swing traders.
Traders looking for small price movements in stock follow this trading technique. Aggressive traders believing that even small price after speculation.
A very risky and at the same time highly rewarding strategy, trades short the stock after it moves up rapidly thinking that stocks are overbought and those buyers would start booking profits.
A trader can use one or more than one strategy for his trading, for it depends on his psychology brokerage firms having zero brokerage trading account guide traders in selecting the strategy suitable to them.