what are all the option Trading Strategies?

An option is defined as a “contract giving the buyers the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset a (stock or index) at a specific price on or before a certain date”. It is a derivative for it gets its value from an underlying asset. Stock options the index or equity. While options have expiry dates and there are no specified numbers. It is of two kinds namely call and put. The best way to trade options is to understand the following trading strategies.

When the clients feel bullish and anticipate the price of the particular share to rise, long call options are used

This is a strategy opposite to  long call options for an investor uses it when he feels bearish and expects the price of a share uses it when he feels bearish and expects the price of a share to rise.

If the trader opines that the stock is not volatile and tries to get the option the premium on two contracts, he follows this strategy.

A customer uses this strategy when the stock is very volatile but the rise and Falls cannot be predicted. Binary options trading means the risk a trader places on whether or not a particular asset will rise in 
its value at a certain time.

These the strategy used either in combination or separately help in getting the most expected profit. But the customer has to be choosy and based tools like options calculation he can select on what to invest and be ready to quit when things are in a favorable position.